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Canvas Bangladesh honors Dr. Dipu Siddiqui

Canvas Bangladesh honors Dr. Dipu Siddiqui

A grand reception was organized by Canvas of Bangladesh on the occasion of the Independence and National Day. The event took place last Friday evening at the 71' auditorium of Daffodil International University, Dhanmondi, in the capital. The ceremony aimed to honor individuals who have made significant contributions across various sectors of society.Among the distinguished recipients was Dean of the Faculty of Arts at Royal University of Dhaka, Dr Md.Abu Bakar Siddique widely known as Dr Dipu Siddiqui, recognized for his outstanding contributions to education. He was awarded the Canvas of Bangladesh Honorary Award. The presentation was made by Emeritus professor Dr. ABM Abdullah, the Prime Minister's personal physician, and actor Ferdous Ahmed, Member of Parliament for Dhaka-10 constituency.

In his acceptance speech, Dr. Siddiqui expressed his gratitude to the authorities of Canvas of Bangladesh. He felt honored to receive the medal from such esteemed individuals and thanked the audience for their support. Dr. Siddiqui emphasized the importance of recognition in motivating individuals to continue their dedicated work. He acknowledged the support of former MP Dr HBM Iqbal and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Royal University, without whom his achievements in the field of education would not have been possible.

The event was graced by the presence of Housing and Public Works Minister, Bir Muktijodha RM Ubaidul Moktadir Chowdhury, who served as the chief guest. The special guests included Emeritus Professor Dr. ABM Abdullah and actor Ferdous Ahmed, Member of Parliament for Dhaka-10 Constituency. The ceremony, chaired by Dr. M. Elias Ali, Chairman of Dhaka City Physiotherapy Hospital, featured speeches by eminent freedom fighters, adding significance to the occasion.