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Mehazabien returning with Eid drama

Mehazabien returning  with Eid drama

Mehazabien Chowdhury will appear in an Eid drama after two years. She has also expressed her wish to act in a few dramas every year from now on. This actress might have her silver screen debut this year. She spoke to Prothom Alo Entertainment on various issues including her upcoming projects.Actress Mehazabien Chowdhury has been away from dramas for the last two years. She didn’t appear in any new drama even on Eid. She acted only in one drama named ‘Ananya’ in this break.After the drama aired on 16 December, it garnered much acclaim. Finally, this actress will be seen in a new drama on this Eid after two years. Mehazabien said, “I haven’t worked in an Eid drama in the last two years. Although some old dramas aired on Eid in the last two years, audience still make request for new works. If everything goes alright I wish to work in a drama on this Eid-ul-Fitr.”  However, Mehjabeen did not want to reveal details about the name of the drama, her co-stars and the director yet. She said, “I liked the story and my character in the drama. The script is being worked on. The shooting might begin by the end of this month. Let it begin first, I will reveal the details then.” In and out of dramaMehazabien started moving away from drama towards the end of 2022. She focused on OTT projects. After two years she has hinted at returning with a drama again. But her comeback depends on the plot, character and budget of the drama.  Mehazabien said, “There might be fewer dramas or I might be irregular in them because of the stories and characters but I’m not leaving dramas for good. However, it’s difficult to be regular in dramas with the stories and budget of dramas these days.” “After reading most of the scripts that I’ve been getting recently, I get the feeling that I have already worked in this story or in this character before. This disappoints the audience,” she said. On this point this actress added, “I have been working in dramas for more than a decade now. I have done more than 450 dramas so far. I have played versatile characters in a variety of stories. Now it has become tough to work without a good plot or character.”“Because the audience has an expectation from me and I have to keep that in mind as well,” she added. She however says that she’s not abandoning dramas completely.