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Bangladesh doctor nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Bangladesh doctor nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
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Dr Ryan Saadi, a graduate of Dhaka Medical College, has reportedly been nominated for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize.

Education Minister Dipu Moni, who got her medical degree from the same college, confirmed the matter through a Facebook post on Saturday.

“Our friend from Batch K-40 of Dhaka Medical College Ryan Saadi, MD, MPH, chairman and CEO of Tevogen Bio, has been nominated for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize,” the minister said in her post.

Dipu Moni congratulated Ryan Saadi on the nomination and said she was proud of his achievement. “Best wishes to Saadi and his family,” she added.

Ryan Saadi also serves as managing director of Center for Market Access and Medical Innovation, a cross-sector educational initiative which seeks to promote sustainable medical innovation, improve patient access, inform policymaking and foster talent development.

“Sustainable business success can be an unattainable concept unless the success contributes to societal prosperity, health and wellbeing of all people, and ultimately a peaceful existence of all humans,” Ryan Saadi has been quoted as saying.

The Nobel Peace Prize is one of six Nobel Prizes. It is awarded on the day of Alfred Nobel’s death, December 10, a time-honoured tradition since 1901.

There are 343 candidates for the Nobel Peace Prize for 2022, out of which 251 are individuals and 92 are organizations.

The Nobel Committee itself – as a matter of principle and according to the Nobel statutes – does not announce the names of nominees, neither to the media nor to the candidates themselves.