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National HR Summit 2023 : Transforming Digital Bangladesh into a Smart Nation

National HR Summit 2023 : Transforming Digital Bangladesh into a Smart Nation
In a gathering of industry leaders, educators, and policymakers, the National HR Summit 2023 kicked off on Saturday, September 2, at the Daffodil Smart City in Birulia, Savar, Dhaka. The summit, themed "HR Leadership for Smart Bangladesh 2041; Driving Ever-Changing Business through Innovation," was organized by Daffodil International University in collaboration with a2i - Aspire to Innovate, and was proudly supported by the Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry (DCCI) and the Bangladesh Society of Human Resources Management (BSHRM).

The event witnessed a prominent chief guest, Mr. Md. Shamsul Arefin, Secretary of the Information and Communication Technology Division, Bangladesh. In his address, Mr. Arefin highlighted the pivotal role that today's students will play in realizing the Prime Minister's dream of a Smart Bangladesh. He emphasized the need for modern IT education to equip the new generation with the skills required to excel in both software and hardware industries on the global stage.

Mr. Arefin emphasized that the software and hardware industries hold immense potential for skilled manpower, and capturing even a fraction of the global hardware market could significantly boost the country's economy. He encouraged students to shift their focus from government jobs to becoming entrepreneurs and innovators, harnessing the potential of Bangladesh's large population.

Moreover, Mr. Arefin discussed the imminent rise of technologies like artificial intelligence and the internet of things while emphasizing that crucial domains like data banking, cyber security, software development, cloud computing, system analysis, and technological program management would continue to rely on human expertise.

The summit featured a diverse lineup of special guests, including Mr. Mohd. Monirul Islam, Additional Secretary, SDG Affairs, Prime Minister's Office, and Dr. Mohammad Nuruzzamn, CEO of Daffodil Family, among others.

With the participation of fifty top companies, including Unilever Bangladesh Limited, BAT Bangladesh, Unique Group, and more, the National HR Summit 2023 aimed to facilitate insightful discussions and the exchange of ideas on shaping a smarter workforce for Bangladesh in alignment with the nation's vision for 2041. The event's focus on innovation-driven HR leadership sought to align business strategies with the ever-evolving demands of the global marketplace.

The summit's inauguration marked a significant step toward realizing Bangladesh's transition from a digital nation to a smart one, driven by the enthusiasm and potential of its youth.