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Mahiya Mahi announces divorce

Mahiya Mahi announces divorce

Rumours of problems in film actress Mahiya Mahi’s marriage had been circulating for quite some time. Finally, the speculations have come true. The actress herself confirmed the news with a video massage on Friday night.

They have already separated and have started living apart. Mahi got married to Rakib Sarker on 13 September 2021. The couple has a son named Farish.

In the video message posted on her own Facebook account, Mahi said, “We have taken the decision mutually. There are some issues between us. But, Rakib is a wonderful person. I respect him and he’s really caring.”Mahi tearfully added, “We are going for official separation very soon. When and how will it happen, will also be mutually decided by the two of us.”

Introducing herself at the beginning of the video, Mahi said, “I never thought I would have to record a video like this today. But, I felt that it’s time to let everyone know. Everyone should know it for our own good.”  

She added, “Only two people living under the same roof know it better why aren’t they happy? It cannot be understood from the outside.” They have been separated for quite some time, she said.   At one point of the video, Mahi requested the netizens not to make any negative comments about her child. In a tearful voice she said, “He might not understand these right now, but someday he will understand and certainly feel hurt. Please don’t do these. All of you pray for my son Farish so that I can raise him to be good person.”At the end of the video she said, “I will start working afresh. I have many battles to fight in my life. My son will grow up. I have a lot to do for him. Everyone please pray that my journey with Farish is smooth.”  

Earlier, Mahi had married Parvez Mahmud Opu, a businessman from Sylhet in 2016. And then she announced the end of their five-year long marriage on 22 May 2021. Her relationship with Rakib came to light right after that. This was Rakib’s second marriage as well.