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Dream of profit in squash farming

Dream of profit in squash farming
Bangladesh Agriculture Chittagong

Cumilla Correspondent:

Cumilla’s Brahmanpara Sohel dreams of making a profit by growing high-value new varieties of non-toxic foreign vegetable squash. He became known as a counter-cultivator of new varieties of different vegetables.


Squash is an exotic winter vegetable. It looks like a bungy result.  It is a principle vegetable in mediacor pumpkin lessons.The demand and price of this squash new promotion as a vegetable is well negotiated.


It is known that the slosh farmer Sohel is the son of Maulana Abdul Mawlak of Mahal section of Upazila Sadar. He ended his expatriate life back home a few years ago. Then he drowned himself in the addiction of changing the fortune by beating the talent in the field and dividing it also focused on cultivating new vegetables. He was inspired to cultivate the possibility of washing the report report of farming on YouTube in this squatty passport mobile phone. Later he collected the squash seeds and sowed the seeds on the land provided by the owner. He planted squash seedlings on the land around 21st century when the application of squash seedlings was suitable. After a month two or three squashes started to bear fruit on the plant. Squash products began to be useful. At present, freedom squash is being paid at a retail price of Tk 50 to Tk 60 per kg.


Squash farmer Sohail said, I have cultivated this squash experimentally in various YouTube videos. As per the advice of the local agriculture office, good care and no disease plan, good yield at low cost. I am also becoming a lot of farmers. There is hope to further expand the scope of school farming in the future. Squash does not do well in all soils.  Only, loam soils yield better.  Squash plants bear 8 to 10 fruits about two and a half March after planting.


Agricultural agriculturist Md. Masud Rana said that squash is being cultivated by farmers for the past few years. The advantage of squash farming is that it can be grown at the right time and at an affordable cost. This makes it easy to farm. According to proper care and Bureau of Agriculture guidelines, it yields 8 to 10 fruits per plant. The country and I have good demand for this vegetable. Festival prices are also good. As a result, the political development of other cucurbit vegetables is profitable.